Holleville RH.1 Bambi


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Holleville RH.1 Bambi

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 ENGINE1 x 65hp Continental

Barry, 22.11.2016 13:02

Designed and built by Roger Holleville and taking to the air for the first time on the 27th July 1953, the RH.1 was originally conceived as suitable for the home build market but it turned out to be too complicated and as such only one was ever constructed. However, it is still extant to this day.

Accommodation 1 pilot plus one passenger

Power plant 1 x 65 h.p Continental A65

Span 27'6" Length 22'0" Height 7'4" Wing area 107 sq ft
Empty weight 637 lb Gross weight 1,100 lb

Max speed 124 mph Cruising speed 105 mph Service ceiling 14,700 ft


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