Latecoere 26
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Latecoere 26

The Late 26 (about 70 were built during 1928-30 mainly for Aeropostale) was primarily a mailplane, although it accommodated two passengers. The crew sat in tandem open cockpits. Power was provided by a 450hp Renault 12Ja engine in the Late 26.2R and a 500hp Renault 12Jb in the Late 26.6R.

 ENGINE1 x 450hp Renault 12Ja
    Take-off weight3364 kg7416 lb
    Empty weight1590 kg3505 lb
    Wingspan17.40 m57 ft 1 in
    Length12.20 m40 ft 0 in
    Height3.90 m13 ft 10 in
    Wing area48.60 m2523.13 sq ft
    Max. speed188 km/h117 mph
    Cruise speed157 km/h98 mph
    Ceiling4500 m14750 ft
    Range680 km423 miles

Gernot.Hirsinger, 05.01.2010

The text above states "two passengers".
My "History of aviation in Trinidad & Tobago" quotes that "On Friday, 29th August 1930, a French four-passenger aircraft F-AJGE landed on Queen's Park Savannah bringing Mr. Paul Vachet and his wife." The corresponding photograph shows a LATE 26. Was it a four-passenger aircraft or has the author confused 2 crew + 2 passengers as being equivalent to 4 passengers?

Carlos Eduardo Porto, 22.07.2009

I build one aermodel with 2 metter of the wing, because in 1929 crash in may citi, Florianopolis In Santa Catarina Brazil.It fly like a bird, slowly and calm.

Marcelo Cal, 22.04.2008

There is now an exemplary survivor who has flown for Aeropostale?.
Marcelo Cal

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