Nord 1400 Noroit
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Nord 1400 Noroit

Under the designation Nord 1400, Nord designed a maritime reconnaissance and air-sea rescue amphibian flying-boat for service with the French navy. A cantilever gullwing monoplane with a two-step all-metal hull, the aircraft had accommodation for a crew of seven, plus a roomy rear cabin with a large sliding door on the port side for rescue operations. It was first flown as a flying-boat on 6 January 1949, as the N 1400-01 Noroit (F-WFDL), then powered by two 1193kW Gnome-Rhone 14R radial engines; retractable tailwheel landing gear to provide amphibious capability was installed initially on the N 1400-02 and on the N 1400-01 at a later date. The N 1401 Noroit (F-WFKU) was flown on 6 August 1949 with two 1342kW SNECMA-built Junkers Jumo engines, the second example (F-SFKN) being flown later with similar power-plant, and both were tested in 1950 with two Bristol Hercules radial engines. These pre-production aircraft, plus 21 other examples, were all completed to N 1402 Noroit standard for the French navy's Escadrille 5F, the last of them being delivered in 1956.

 MODELNord 1400
 ENGINE2 x SNECMA 12H00, 1566kW
    Wingspan31.6 m104 ft 8 in
    Length22.05 m72 ft 4 in
    Height6.85 m22 ft 6 in
    Wing area100 m21076.39 sq ft
    Max. speed270 km/h168 mph
    Range w/max.fuel3450 km2144 miles
 ARMAMENT6 x 20mm cannons

Glenn B. Iverson, 13.05.2012

Was there a flight engineer in the crew, and did he have a separate work station?

FLEURY ALAIN, 10.04.2012

J'ai retrouvé une photo de cet hydravion dans un viel album
qui vient de mon père.
je ne sais pas de quand elle date,si cela vous intéresse je pourrais vous envoyer une copie attention la qualité n'est pas terrible.

pree, 18.06.2011

N 1402 Noroit standard for the French navy's Escadrille 5F, the last of them being delivered in 1956.

, 18.06.2011

Nord 1400 Noroit

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