Roussel 30
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Roussel 30

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, 17.06.2011


Old Adam, 26.03.2009

The Roussel 30 is described in William Green's "Warplanes of the Second World War", Volume 1 (probably still in copyright- just).

According to Green, it was designed by M. Roussel who was the brother of the guy who designed the Bloch MB150. It flew for the first time in April 1939 at Etampes. The engine was a Gnome-Rhone 14M7 of 690hp.

In May 1940, two Oerlikon AS 20-mm canon were installed immediately outboard of the undercarriage attachment points. The aircraft could also carry a 550lb bomb under the fuselage.

Handling trials were extremely successful.

As the Germans approached Paris, it was dismantled and taken to Bordeaux where it was later destroyed in a fire.

Green also gives a maximum speed of 323 mph at 19,030 feet. The wing span was 25ft 5ins.

Aero-Fox, 05.02.2009

Looks like an interesting machine... a light fighter? Anyone have any information on this?

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