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SIPA S.10/S.11/S.12

The S.10 was the French version of the Arado Ar.396, built as the company's first post-war product. Twenty-eight produced.

The S.11 (50 built for the French Air Force) and S.111 were modified versions of the S.10 two-seat advanced trainer, fitted with Renault 125 engines (440kW SNECMA S-12-SO2-3H, French-built Argus As 411).

The S.12 was similar to the S.11 but was constructed entirely of metal; 52 S.12s were built for the French Air Force together with 58 S.121 lightweight derivatives. For use in Algeria, a number of S.111s and S.121s were modified to carry rockets and bombs for ground attack under the designations S.111A and S.121 A.

MAILLARD, e-mail, 26.12.2009 19:41

Ancien mécano moteur sur les avions d'entraînement des reservistes SIPA 111A et 121A du GAEL,je recherche des photos en couleur si possible.
Merci pour votre gentillesse.


Tabuteau, e-mail, 31.07.2009 18:27

I was under training at Cognac in 1948 (P13) and we were the first to fly Sipa 10.I flew No 01 and 02;
We did evaluation mid Nov-1948 ,coming at 1000 meters vertcal to landing strip,throttle right back , flaps and landing gear down,for a three point landing;
It was rather physical.
I prefered the Sipa to the Me 108 we were flying also.


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