SIPA S.200 Minijet
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SIPA S.200 Minijet

The SIPA 200 Minijet was a single-engined, turbojet-powered two-seat training and liaison aircraft. It was distinctive in its twin-boom configuration and short, tubby nacelle housing the engine and cockpit. The S.200 made its first flight on 14 January 1952. Early test flights revealed that it was underpowered and performance fell short of expectations, and it was unable to compete with contemporary types such as the Fouga Magister. Seven prototypes were built. The SIPA 200 was built at the request of the French government, which was evaluating new aviation concepts as part of the progressive build-up of France's postwar aircraft industry.

SIPA S.200 MinijetA three-view drawing (588 x 438)

 ENGINE1 x 150kg Turbomeca Palas turbojet engine
    Take-off weight780 kg1720 lb
    Empty weight450 kg992 lb
    Wingspan7.20 m24 ft 7 in
    Length5.12 m17 ft 10 in
    Height1.78 m6 ft 10 in
    Wing area9.6 m2103.33 sq ft
    Max. speed400 km/h249 mph
    Ceiling8000 m26250 ft
    Range500 km311 miles

SIPA S.200 Minijet

Rocco, 26.09.2016

Hello Randy its Rocco out of Chicago I was trying to get a hold of you to see how you were doing and check with you and see if you were still interested in selling the sip,you told me a while a go that you would give me first shot at buying it back!
Thank you ,your good friend Rocco

Paul Lewis, 03.09.2016

Hi Randy Workman - Do you still own the SIPA?

Gian Zapata, 30.12.2010

Anyone know the airfoil specifications of this aircraft? i eould wanna fly one too via simulator but i am missing this vital information.

John Irion, 13.11.2008

I would like to build a working giant scale R/C model of this airplane. Anybody know how I can get a copy of the Mfgr's druwings and specifications?

jean-rene cadorel, 31.07.2008

One of those came to Creil (10th Escadre de Chasse)in 1956 and did a demo of aerobatics. It was flown by Alain Hisler (who previously won several aerobatics contests on Stampe SV4), who happened to be my instructor as a new French Air Force recruit in Saint-Yan (French gov't pilot school) France.

Jim Newman, 15.04.2008

When I was serving in the RAF I saw a SIPA 200 at the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental establishment at Boscombe Down (UK equiv. of Edwards AFB)in 1954. Apparently it was there on test, in common with other types submitted, in the hopes of being bought by the RAF. My opinion was that it looked way underpowered and the cockpit was far too small too acommodate a pilot and student with their paraphenalia. Even the British Miles Student (a larger aircraft) was still too small and cramped. The Percival Jet Provost was the one accepted. It was more like fighters that students would eventually face. Certainly no room for a "bang seat"!

David Betts, 14.10.2007

I live in Malaga. Does anyone own one in this area ?

henry solano, 08.04.2007

hi Randy
Please snedme all information on this S-200,im looking for ona to buy.Thanks a lot

Ben Anderson, 02.12.2006

cool!!! I'd love to see pictures and details; best of luck!

Randy Workman, 19.11.2006

I currently own serial # 5 Sipa s200 Jet. It is being referbished and new avionics being added


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