SNCAC NC.211 Cormoran


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SNCAC NC.211 Cormoran

Large four-engined transport with a deep fuselage. The first prototype crashed during its first flight on 20 July 1948 killing the pilot Bertrand and his crew. Despite the second prototype flew succesfully on 9 April 1949, the aircraft did not enter production and the project was cancelled.

 ENGINE4 x 1600hp SNECMA 14R piston engines
  Take-off weight40000 kg88185 lb
  Empty weight21000 kg46297 lb
  Wingspan44.00 m144 ft 4 in
  Length30.50 m100 ft 1 in
  Height10.10 m33 ft 2 in
  Wing area200.00 m22152.78 sq ft
  Max. speed410 km/h255 mph
  Cruise speed320 km/h199 mph
  Ceiling9000 m29550 ft
  Range2000 km1243 miles

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