Sud-Ouest S.O.95 Corse II
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Sud-Ouest S.O.95 Corse II

The SO.95 Corse II was a light twin-engined transport, the prototype flying on 17 July 1947. The type was originally fitted with a tailwheel undercarriage, which was retained in the civil version, but the military variant featured a tricycle landing gear. The Corse II was used almost exclusively by the light transport units of the French Naval Air Arm; only two saw regular airline service, operating with Air Services of India between Bombay, Bangalore and Delhi before being withdrawn in 1950.

 ENGINE2 x 580hp Renault 12S-02-201 12-cylinder Vee-type engines
    Take-off weight5600 kg12346 lb
    Wingspan18.00 m59 ft 1 in
    Length12.32 m40 ft 5 in
    Height4.30 m14 ft 1 in
    Max. speed330 km/h205 mph
    Ceiling7000 m22950 ft
    Range1300 km808 miles

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