Sommer monoplane
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Sommer monoplane

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Graham Summers, 04.05.2013

There were a number of different Sommer monoplanes built in three basic series. These were known as the Bleriot types, the Deperdussin types and the Morane types, as their basic shapes reflected the design practices of the aforemntioned manufacturers. The first of the E series as all three variations were collectively known, was built in 1910 by Roger Sommer. Although it was very similar to Bleriot's Type XI, it was regarded as exceptionally strong. Sommer made many creditable flights in the type gaining much interest in the design following its first flight. Later variations included a two-seat version. Specifications for the aircraft were as follows
Top Speed: 54 m.p.h.
Engine: Gnome-Rhone 50 hp seven-cylinder rotary piston engine.
Wingspan: 34 feet 6 inches (single-seat) 37 feet 9 inches (two-seater)
Length: 29 feet 6 inches(both versions)
Weight: 690 lbs (single-seat), 900 lb (two-seater)

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