Sud-Est SE 5000 / SE 5003 Baroudeur
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Sud-Est SE 5000 / SE 5003 Baroudeur

A private-venture single-seat tactical support fighter, the SE 5000 Baroudeur - a name derived from the Arabic word baroud for battle, and, in French Foreign Legion parlance, describing a pugnacious fighter - was designed by Wsiewolod J Jakimiuk. Of all-metal construction with a wing sweptback 36 at quarter-chord, the Baroudeur represented an attempt to achieve a measure of independence from permanent runways. In place of a conventional undercarriage, it was provided with a combination of jettisonable take-off trolley and landing skids a la Me 163B Komet. The first prototype was powered by a 2,395kg SNECMA Atar 101B turbojet and flew on 12 May 1954.

Proposed armament comprised two 30mm or 37mm cannon. The Baroudeur was progressively re-engined with the Atar 101C and 101D-1, this last, rated at 2,600kg, powering a second prototype, which flew on 12 May 1954 and featured a three degree increase in wing anhedral. Two months earlier, an official contract covered both SE 5000 prototypes as well as three SE 5003 pre-series aircraft. The first SE 5003 was flown in September 1955 with an 3,700kg Atar 101E-4, the second and third aircraft having a 2,850kg Atar 101D-3 and a 3,500kg Atar 101E-3 respectively. The Baroudeur eventually demonstrated the ability to take-off without recourse to the jettisonable trolley and the first SE 5003 was flown with flush-fitting auxiliary fuel tanks on the aft fuselage sides. The NATO nations elected to adopt a more conventional aircraft to meet the lightweight tactical fighter requirement and development of the Baroudeur was discontinued.

Sud-Est SE 5000 / SE 5003 Baroudeur

 ENGINE1 x SNECMA "Atar" 101C, 27.5kN
    Loaded weight7150 kg15763 lb
    Empty weight4520 kg9965 lb
    Wingspan10.0 m33 ft 10 in
    Length13.66 m45 ft 10 in
    Height3.25 m11 ft 8 in
    Wing area25.30 m2272.33 sq ft
    Max. speed1033 km/h642 mph

Sud-Est SE 5000 / SE 5003 BaroudeurA three-view drawing (1000 x 639)

KPerk, 16.03.2013

I have seen 3 model kits. One is the 1/48 XKit from Fonderie Miniatures. Building it right now, and not recommended. Another is the 1/72 Aerodream one. And the last is the 1/72 Akatambo one. I am not sure on any of the prices for them.

bombardier, 24.05.2011

The aircraft was based on the concept of the Me-163.An interceptor not requiring runways

Darryll V. Wilcox, 13.05.2011

Do you know of any model kits of this aircraft? I've only seen one and it was very expensive.


Darryll V.

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