Ago C.I, C.II
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Ago C.I, C.II

Series of twin-boom reconnaissance biplanes, each armed with one machine-gun in the nose. C.I and C.II land-planes had a four-wheel landing gear under the central crew nacelle and a tailskid under each boom. Power was provided by a 160hp Mercedes D.III and 150hp Benz III or 220hp Benz Bz.IV pusher engine respectively. The similarly powered C.I-W (one built) and C.II-W (two built) twin-float seaplane versions were operated by the German Navy in a coastal reconnaissance and defence role. C.Is and C.IIs became operational over the Western Front in the latter half of 1915.

 ENGINE1 x 220hp Benz Bz.IV 6-cylinder inline engine
    Take-off weight1946 kg4290 lb
    Empty weight1360 kg2998 lb
    Wingspan14.50 m48 ft 7 in
    Length9.84 m32 ft 3 in
    Height3.18 m10 ft 5 in
    Max. speed135 km/h84 mph
    Ceiling4500 m14750 ft
    Range580 km360 miles
 ARMAMENTone machine-gun, bombs

Uwe Solbach, 27.01.2015

my grandfather died in an AGO C II plane on May 3rd 1916.
He crashed from a height of 100 meters while testing the
plane on air base Berlin-Johannisthal.
My grandfather was chief pilot for AGO plane manufactory.
He got his licence on April 8th,1914 on a Jeannin single
decker. Accdg. to experts the AGO C II was very difficult
to handle.

Terrence Murphy, 25.02.2014

The only confusion I have is that I've seen pictures of these aircraft with and without nosewheels. So I'm not really sure if I'm looking a C.I, II, or III?

Armydicked, 30.10.2012

And to think I though TWIN BOOM Designs were a 1930s invention. It kind of reminds me of the recon aircraft we used in VIETNAM---the little twin boom one? OEM 01 Bronco?

The C.11 would have been awesome in a ground attack role, the twin booms providing better stability and I would assume they would absorb ground fire better. I'm suprised they got rid of it as soon as they did (only one year operation). I never seen one before until now!!!

Rafa, 25.05.2011

It's a very interesting airplane.

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