Albatros D XII
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Albatros D XII

The last Albatros fighter of World War I actually completed and flown, the D.XII featured the slab-sided plywood- covered fuselage introduced by the D.X, and the first of two prototypes was flown in March 1918 with a 180hp Daimler D IlIa engine. The second prototype, fitted with a Bohme undercarriage embodying compressed- air shock absorbers, and unbalanced ailerons of inverse taper in place of the balanced parallel-chord ailerons of the first prototype, followed in April 1918, and was later fitted with a 185hp BMW IlIa engine for participation in the third D-type contest of October.

    Take-off weight760 kg1676 lb
    Empty weight580 kg1279 lb
    Wingspan8.20 m27 ft 11 in
    Length5.78 m19 ft 12 in
    Wing area19.84 m2213.56 sq ft

Kyle Bogosian, 18.08.2011

Does anyone know the maximum speed of this plane?

R. E. van Patten, 11.10.2010

Difficult to land without digging in the huge prop. Reported elsewhere to climb like a homesick angel. At wing loading of 7.8 lb/sqft must have been very agile. Udet called it the best fighter of the war. Too little, too late.

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