Albatros G III
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Albatros G III

Medium bomber powered on the G.III limited production version by two 164kW Benz Bz.IVa pusher engines mounted on the lower wings. Interesting feature of the design was that the trailing-edges of the inner sections of the lower wings were cut away to allow the engines and large propellers to be fitted further forward on the wings than would otherwise be possible. The G.II prototype first flew in mid-1916 and G.III entered service in Macedonia and elsewhere in the following year. Armament comprised two Parabellum machine-guns - one each in nose and rear cockpits - plus 320kg of bombs.

 ENGINE2 x Bz IVa, 147kW
    Take-off weight3150 kg6945 lb
    Empty weight2064 kg4550 lb
    Wingspan18.0 m59 ft 1 in
    Length11.9 m39 ft 1 in
    Height4.2 m14 ft 9 in
    Wing area79.0 m2850.35 sq ft
    Max. speed150 km/h93 mph
    Range w/max.fuel600 km373 miles

rogerio reis, 25.06.2007

More information, colored profiles are very welcame

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