Arado Ar 198


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Arado Ar 198

Reconnaissance aircraft, a single-engined mid-wing design. The Luftwaffe initially preferred the Ar 198 over the unconventional Fw 189 and Bv 141, but the type had disappointing handling and performance. Prototype only.

Barry, 05.01.2010 16:58

This aircraft was built to a specification which also included Henschel Hs126,Blomm und Voss Ha141 and the Focke Wulf FW189. The Blomm und Voss and Focke Wulf aircraft had the extended specification of multi purpose plane put to the fore whereas Arado and Henshel had to stick to the requirement of short range reconnaissance. Henshel was well into production while Arado were still in development of their more complex plane and it was for this reason coupled to the already over burdened production commitments being experienced by Arado that the Technishe Amt cancelled the plane. On the contrary to what is noted the Ar198 had good handling and performance and was very much apprechiated by all those that flew in it.

Michael Friedrich there a lot more Arado aircraft missing from this list than the Ar199!


Francis Maigné, e-mail, 21.12.2009 17:08

Ar 198
Monomoteur de reconnaissance tactique, triplace en tandem en cabine fermée avec balcon ventral vitré d'observation, mo noplan aile haute cantilever, monodérive, empennage horizontal classique cantilever, train d'atterrissage fixe et roulette de queue carénés. 1
moteur de 9 cylindres Bmw Bramo Fafnir 323A de 900 Cv, E: 14,9 m, L: 11,8 m, H: 4,5 m, Pv: 2400 Kg, Ptc: 3031Kg , Vm: 359 Kmh, Ra: 1081Km, Armement: 2 mt MG 17 de 7,92 m /m de capot synchronisées, 1 mt MG 15 de 7,92 m /m manuel les, l'une à l'arrière supérieur et la seconde à l'arrière inférieur, 4 bombes de 50 Kg sous les ailes. 1937. 1 prototype.


Michael Friedrich, e-mail, 19.05.2008 21:30

The Arado Ar 199 is missing on your list!


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