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Arado Ar 232

The Ar.232 was a uniquely styled transport aircraft. The first prototype flew in 1941 powered by two 1,192kW BMW 801MA radial engines. It is believed that only 18 to 20 further aircraft were built as Ar.232As or B-0s and Ar.232Bs, most of which were powered by four 894kW BMW Bramo 323R-2 radials and carried a crew of four and about 4,500kg of cargo (including vehicles).

Ar.232s, including the prototypes, served with the Luftwaffe from 1942 until 1944. A unique feature of the design was its landing gear: a retractable main nosewheel type gear and a secondary gear of ten pairs of smaller wheels on shorter legs situated under the fuselage. The latter were normally off the ground but took the weight of the aircraft during loading and unloading when the main undercarriage legs were reduced in length to facilitate cargo handling.

Arado Ar 232

 MODELAr 232
 ENGINE4 x 1193kW BMW 801MA radial engines flew in 1941.
  Take-off weight21135 kg46595 lb
  Empty weight12802 kg28224 lb
  Wingspan33.50 m110 ft 11 in
  Length23.52 m77 ft 2 in
  Height5.69 m19 ft 8 in
  Wing area142.60 m21534.93 sq ft
  Ceiling8000 m26250 ft
  Range1060 km659 miles

Arado Ar 232A three-view drawing (800 x 606)

Barry, 17.01.2013 16:16

There were indeed 11 pairs of smaller wheels and whilst the prototype and early twin engined machines were powered by the BMW 801 engine, the insatiable demand of the Fw190 for this unit meant that all future four engine machines were flown with the 1,200 h.p. BMW-Bramo 323R 9 cylinder radial.


John Paul Withill, e-mail, 29.11.2012 03:25

Hi - I like this plane - how many troops could it carry ???


mordechai dessaur, e-mail, 08.02.2012 10:19

I would very much like to know the capabilities of this aircraft, how many people it could carry and what kind of vehicles or other cargo.
Thank you in advance


AJVM, e-mail, 23.09.2011 03:18

Fondly nicknamed the "Tausendfussler" (millipede), for obvious reasons.


klaus, e-mail, 04.09.2009 16:41

Wonder HOW did they :
- design
- prototipe
- product these planes
IN TRUE WA CONDITIONS !........and without the ......."Bill Gates miracles" called ?!
Or I think they did /made them EXACTLY because there were ZERO "mirlacles" like the ones up-mentioned :-))))


CHEN, e-mail, 11.10.2007 18:16



Bruce, e-mail, 27.03.2007 17:31

Please, eleven pairs of supplementary wheels, not ten !


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