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Arado Ar 67

Biplane fighter. The Ar 67 was smaller than the Ar 65, and was powered by a Rolls-Royce Kestrel engine. The Ar 68 was preferred. One built.

Arado Ar 67A three-view drawing (800 x 646)

Billy R Leon, e-mail, 29.09.2020 19:12

Without any disrespect intended against Francis Maign (above), the following specifications are included for the Arado Ar.67 in English. It was a single-seat fighter prototype introduced in 1933. It was abandoned in favor of the Ar.68 after only 1 prototype had been built. It was powered by one Rolls-Royce Kestrel VI 12-cylinder (V-12) liquid-cooled piston engine that was rated at 525hp. The maximum speed of this aircraft was approximately 183 mph (295 kph) and had a service ceiling of 9,300 meters (30,510 feet), and a fuel range of approximately 210 miles. It mounted two MG17 7.92mm machine-guns that were fixed and forward firing through synchronization gear on the engine cowling. It carried a crew of 1.


Francis Maigné, e-mail, 21.12.2009 16:36

Ar 67
Monomoteur de chasse, monoplace à ciel ouvert, sesquiplan à plan inférieur décalé vers l'arrière, contreventé par deux pai res de mâts en N inclinés vers l'avant et haubané, monodérive, empennage horizontal classique déporté vers l'arrière et contreventé, train
d'atterrissage fixe caréné à jambes indépendantes et béquille de queue. Construction classique: tubes d'acier soudés, bois et entoilage. 1 moteur tractif de 12 cylindres RR Kestrel VI de 525 Cv, hélice bipale à pas fixe, E: 9,68 m, L: 7,90 m, H : 3,10 m, Sa : 25,06 m², Pv: 1270 Kg, Ptc: 1660 Kg, C /a: 66,241 Kg /m², P /p: 3,161 Kg /Cv, Vm: 340 Kmh, Vc: 300 Kmh à 3000 m, d'atter rissage : 95 Kmh, Vasc.: 1000 m en 1 mn 30, Pl: 9300 m, Armement: 2 Mt MG 17 de 7,92 m /m de capot synchronisées. 1933. 1 seul prototype.


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