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Arado Ar 79

Designed as an aerobatic two-seat training and touring aircraft, the Arado Ar 79 first appeared in 1938, powered by a 78kW Hirth HM 504A-2 engine. The forward fuselage was of welded steel-tube construction, the rear section being a monocoque structure. The wings were of single-spar wooden construction with plywood and fabric covering: The aircraft featured retractable tail-wheel landing gear, the main wheels retracting sideways and inwards into the wing centre section. Ar 79s set a number of international class speed records during 1938, including solo 1000km at 229.04km/h on 15 July, and solo 2000km at 227.029km/h on 29 July. Later that year an Ar 79 was prepared for an attempt on the long-distance record, a jettisonable 106-litre fuel tank being fitted under the fuselage and a 520-litre tank at the rear of the cabin. Pilots Oberleutnant Pulkowski and Leutnant Jennett ferried the aircraft from Brandenberg to Benghazi in Libya, the starting point for what was to be a 6303km non-stop flight to Gaya, India, accomplished between 29 and 31 December at an average speed of 160km/h.

Arado Ar 79

Francis Maigné, e-mail, 21.12.2009 17:11

Ar 79
Monomoteur de tourisme et d'entraînement, biplace côte-à-côte en cabine, verrière s'ouvrant en coulissant vers l'arrière, mo noplan voilure basse cantilever, monodérive, empennage horizontal classique (type Arado), train classique escamotable, roulette de queue non rétractable. Construction mixte: avant du fuselage en tubes d'acier soudés avec revêtement en contreplaqué et l'arrière monocoque, voilure en bois, contreplaqué et entoilage. 1 moteur tractif de 4 cylindres en ligne inversé Hirth HM 504A-2 de 105 cv, hélice bipale à pas fixe, E: 10,00 m, L: 7,62 m, H: 1,87 m, Sa: 14 m², Pv: 460 Kg , Ptc: 760 Kg, Vm: 230 Kmh, Vc: 205 Kmh, Pl: 5500 m, Ra: 1025 Km.1938


t branczeisz, e-mail, 29.06.2009 03:48

The last time I have seen one of this aircraft was in 1955, at Matyas Fold airport in Budapest Hungary where I was a glider pilot student. The aircaft was realy nice and was in excellent mechanical shape. Did not get to fly it but it was a beautiful aircraft, with real classic lines.


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