Aviatik D II
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Aviatik D II

The Automobil und Aviatik AG of Leipzig-Heiterblick licence-built the Halberstadt D.II as the Aviatik D.I - later known as the Halberstadt D.II(Av) - before, in late 1916, developing and building an original single-seat fighter as the D.II. Powered by the 160hp Daimler D III six-cylinder water-cooled engine and carrying an armament of two synchronised 7.92mm LM-G 08/15 machine guns, the D.II was a staggered single-bay biplane with wooden, fabric-covered wings and a steeltube (forward) and wood (aft) fuselage largely ply covered. The Aviatik fighter did not find favour with the Idflieg and further development was discontinued, only the one prototype being built.

Aviatik D IIA three-view drawing (1278 x 992)

 MODELAviatik D.II
 ENGINE1 x 160hp Daimler D III
    Wingspan8.84 m29 ft 0 in
    Length6.82 m22 ft 5 in
    Height2.87 m9 ft 5 in
    Max. speed150 km/h93 mph
    Cruise speed125 km/h78 mph
    Rate of climb139 m/min450 ft/min
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.92mm

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