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Blohm und Voss Ha.137

Close-support aircraft and dive bomber, an inverted gull-wing monoplane with fixed landing gear derived from the Ki-5. The Ha.137 was a robust aircraft with a good performance. Only five were built, because the Luftwaffe wanted a two-seat dive bomber, and selected the Ju-87.

Blohm und Voss Ha.137A three-view drawing (454 x 642)

Fred Best, e-mail, 29.08.2010 18:54

Does anyone have a 3-view scale drawing of the Ha-137 V-2 ?
The version with the radial engine.


Barry, 08.01.2010 16:08

There were 6 aircraft built, the last of which, V6, was written off after crashing in July 1937. The first two models V1 and V2 (D-IXAX and D-IBGI)were poweered by the Pratt and Whitney Hornet, licence produced as BMW 132 engines. The third prototype (D-IZIQ) produced at about the same time used a Rolls Royce Kestrel. It became apparent that the radial engine of the first two prototypes was not best suited to the diver bomber role because of the severely restricted forward view and with the coming of the Jumo 210A engine it was decided that this would be the definitive power plant.In 1936 three further prototypes were built V4 (D-IFOE) , V5 (D-IUXU)illustrated, and the ill fated V6 (D-IDTE). These were to be the the Ha137B, the previous 3 being the Ha137A.
There was also plans to produce a model for the German navy useing the Hornet engine. The wheeled version was the P11, as opposed to the Luftwaffe P6, P6a and P6b, and the float version would be the P11b, but with the cancellation of the project no further work was taken.


Francis Maigné, e-mail, 21.12.2009 17:29

Ha 137
Ha 137 V1 : Monomoteur de bombardement en piqué, monoplace à ciel ouvert, monoplan à voilure en W très aplati, mono déri ve, empennage horizontal classique cantilever, train d'atterrissage classique fixe pantallonné, roulette de queue, mâts d'antenne margi naux. Construction entièrement métallique. 1 moteur tractif de 9 cylindres en étoile Bmw 132 de 720 Cv, hélice tripale métallique à pas variable, E: 11,15 m, L: 9,46 m, H: 2,80 m, Sa: 23,50 m², PV: 1814 Kg, PTC: 2415 Kg, C /a: 102,765 Kg /m², P /p: 3,354 Kg /Cv, Vm: 330 Km /h, Vc: 290 Km /h, PLa: 7000 m, Auto: 580 Km, 2 mitrailleuses MG 17 de 7,92 au desus du fuselage, synchronisées, tirant en chasse au travers du champ de l'hélice, 2 MG 17 ou 2 canons MG FF de 20 mm au dessus des carènes du train d'atterrissage, 4 bombes de 50 Kg sur ataches d'intrados. 1er vol: 04 /1935, 1 prototype,
Ha 137 V2 /3 /4 : Prototypes avec 1 moteur de 12 cylindres en V inversés Junkers Jumo de 650 Cv, hélice tripale métallique à pas variable.
Ha 137 V5 : Prototype avec 1 moteur de 12 cylindres en V inversés Rolls-Royce Kextrel IV de 650 CV, hélice tripale métallique à pas variable.
Production totale : 5 prototypes.


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