Bucker Bü 131 Jungmann
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Bucker Bü 131 Jungmann

Bücker Flugzeugbau was formed in 1933 and the first product was the Jungmann, a light two-seat biplane trainer specially developed for school and other training purposes. The prototype first flew on 27 April 1934. Power was provided by a 60kW Hirth H.M.60R engine in the Bü.131A and a 78kW Hirth H.M.504A inverted engine in the Bü.131B. Before the outbreak of World War II the trainer was being used in 21 countries and licence-built in Holland, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

Bucker Bü 131 Jungmann

 ENGINE1 x Hirth HM60R, 59kW
    Take-off weight630 kg1389 lb
    Empty weight280 kg617 lb
    Wingspan7.4 m24 ft 3 in
    Length6.7 m22 ft 0 in
    Height2.3 m8 ft 7 in
    Wing area13.5 m2145.31 sq ft
    Max. speed170 km/h106 mph
    Cruise speed150 km/h93 mph
    Ceiling3500 m11500 ft
    Range w/max.fuel680 km423 miles

Bucker Bü 131 Jungmann

Bob Kusterer, 30.01.2014

A friend of mine had a Czech built 131 which originally had a Walter engine. He converted to a 200 HP Lycoming with Hofman prop. He let me fly it; WOW, what a performer ! !

Pat Quinn, 29.03.2012

I have owned and flown a Spanish built Jungmann for 23 years. Besides my wife and family, it is the love of my life. This is said after owning 52 other aircraft and working as a pilot during my career years.

I am even more in awe of this great plane after reading Hans Knoke's comments. Hans is one of the heros of my youth having 33 western front victories in a ME-109 and authoring a great book: "I flew for the Fuhrer".

wlkriessmann, 26.09.2010

It was nearly the early end of my carrier as an Luftwaffen pilot. On June the 29th of 1939 I landed at my first cross country flight ;Straubing Bad Aibling -Bue 131/ELBQ (13.14----14.19) I was so excited that did not taxi throug the neutral zone as requested but straight across to the Flugleitung Yelling with raised arms a short lieutenantt run towards me .I had to stop . He ordered me out of the plane ( Lt Priller later col and ace with Jagdgeschwader Rihthofen) He dressed me down ,threatened with disciplinary court) action. I had to take the train back and faced my superors in Straubing. Luckely the WWI major did not fire me but I got some serious lessons.
With th BUE 131 ENCA ,ENHW & ENGK I did on Nov 17th, 18th,21st &24 my aerial program at Straubing

TEX RITTER, 10.09.2010

Here in Austin, we love our beer, our guns and our women! Hell you ain't an AMERICAN unless you own a gun and an airplane! The Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann I own, I use it to chase coyotes!!There is a bar here in town where I run into ANNA KREISLING all the time, how can she drink so much beer and still look so good?? My advice is don't get into a fight with her! She will spin you around and kick you right in the face!She is a very kind person until you cross the line! Sometimes we go shooting, I'll take my Winchester, and she will take her Schmeisser and shoot golf balls with it! Sometimes she is gone for six months at a time, either to ANTARCTICA, AREA 51,EDWARDS OR Europe. She loves to fly my Bucker! She says it is better than the Tiger Moth!!

Hans Knoke, 06.09.2010

Here in Bremen there is a story about Heinrich Himmler, Lord of the SS, who used to inspire his men about the superiority of German women, of their legendary beauty and bravery. Standing on his platform 20 feet above the crowd of hundreds of SS Liebstandarte troops, he then held up a beautiful bra that belonged to fraulein ANNA KREISLING, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe. Holding the bra out in front of him on a cane, we could hear the sound of a Bucker overhead!! Down it came and went inverted and roared by Himmler and its wingtip swept the bra away!! Himmler smiled and told the SS men,"Never doubt the bravery of our women, and I expect nothing but bravery from you!!" When Anna landed Heinrich Himmler congratulated her on her flying! One year later she was seen at the 1936 Olympics with both Hitler and Himmler!

BRI'AN CHEN, 11.10.2007


Luis M. Moreno, 13.04.2007

Pilotar un biplano con la cabina abierta como el Bucker Bu 131 es una experiencia diferente y muy satisfactoria. Algo para recordar siempre.

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