Daimler L 21
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Daimler L 21

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Barry, 17.05.2016

Only two of these were built, specifically for the 1925 round Germany flight. They were powered, like the single engine L20, by a pair of Ferdinand Porche designed Mercedes F7502 19 h.p air cooled flat twin engines. Flown by Bruno Loerzer L21 D-623 came first in it's class winning 25,000 Goldmarks with the two single engined L.20 aircraft coming second and third and sharing a further 25,000 Goldmarks between them. The picture above shows D-623 and Bruno Loerzer second on the left.

Crew 2
Span 35'5" Length 17'9" Wing area 141 sq ft
Empty weight 805 lb Loaded weight 1,045 lb
Max speed 81 mph Cruising speed 68 mph Service ceiling 11,500 ft

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