DFS 230
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DFS 230

Assault glider accommodating two crew and eight passengers or freight. More than 1,000 built for the Luftwaffe. The DFS 230 was the main equipment of the German airborne units, and it was used in the famous attacks on the Belgian fortress Eben-Emael, on Crete and to liberate Mussolini.

DFS 230

DFS 230A three-view drawing (1000 x 675)

DFS 230

Barry, 23.08.2016

Designed by one Hans Jacob there were over 1,600 built in seven versions. It could be towed by Ju52/3m and with a bit of difficulty it could tow two at once. Apparently, it could be towed by Ju 87, a Me 110 and even an Me 109!It could execute an 80 degree dive and land within 20 meters. It carried nine troops in it's cramped interior with half facing forwards and half facing back.

DFS 230 B-1

Span 72'1" Length 36'11" Height 9'0" Wing area 445 sq ft
Empty weight 1,896 lb Gross weight 4,497 lb

Never exceed speed 180 mph Max towing speed 130 mph Normal towing speed 112 mph

Armament 1 x 7.92 mm MG 15 machine gun on roof mount
2 x 7.92 mm MG 34 fixed machine guns attached to fuselage sides

steven d. lowry, 15.09.2012

would love to offer glider rides for 9 out here in one of those!

daxiong, 18.06.2011

that allowed the Germans to plow through France with such rapidity, along with the dedicated use of armor as force projection.

, 18.06.2011

DFS 230

Brendan English, 24.03.2010

Gus Kakalow, Are you progressing with your project? I am considering one in Australia. Here I think it would come under the gliding federation.

Any advice or information you have would be appreciated.

Brendan English

Hans Huckebein, 07.10.2009

I am selling a Roskopf 1/100 scale Model of the DFS230 on eBay at the moment.

Henry Whittle, 26.07.2009

Consideration of the early Second World War operations led to the study of two aircraft that allowed the Germans to plow through France with such rapidity, along with the dedicated use of armor as force projection. One was the Junkers 87, the other the DFS 230.

Gus Kakalow, 07.05.2009

I am in the process of getting information for building this glider (DFS 230). Crazy, I know. It would fall under the Experimental guidelines of the FAA (US), and would like to know if any parts, scrap or otherwise is floating around out there. Getting items from Europe won't be too much of a problem, as I have friends who live in Germany and could ship. Thank you.

Morten Jшrgensen, 23.06.2008

I got a pilot seat from this model DFS 230 90 % original paint and clear waffenamt markings. Jep it's for sale (",)

Boris V. Nolekov, 14.03.2008

Мое granfather находилось в зенитном взводе в мировой войне 2 и снятом одном этих планеров вниз.

Bernard Berrie, 13.11.2006

Are there any 1.48 scale plastic models of this aircraft?

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