DFS 331
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DFS 331

The DFS 230 was the main equipment of the German airborne units, and it was used in the famous attacks on the Belgian fortress Eben-Emael, on Crete and to liberate Mussolini.

Barry, 17.05.2016

Damian is right. This glider was designed by Hans Jacobs, who had designed the successful DFS 230, but was to remain a "one off" as the RLM preferred the Gotha 242.
Crew 2 Capacity 20 troops or 5,000 lb of cargo.
Span 75'6" Length 51'10" Height 11'8" Wing area 650 sq ft
Empty weight 5,000 lb Gross weight 10,500 lb
Max towing speed 168 mph
Armament 2 x MG15 machine guns.

, 17.06.2011

personnel carriers and similar articles.

Damian, 05.02.2009

The information its wrong. This glider is an DFS 331.
Around 1942 the DFS 331 heavy freight glider was created in collaboration with Gotha, but only one example was built.
It was intended to transport bulky goods, such as light flak guns, VW personnel carriers and similar articles.

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