Dornier Do 27
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Dornier Do 27

The Do 27 was West Germany's first post-World War II production aircraft. It was designed in collaboration with CASA, who also licence-built some versions - the type was in fact first designed to a Spanish Military STOL requirement. The STOL capabilities of the tail-wheel undercarriage, along with excellent all-round vision were the Do 27's selling points. It was often used in military applications for training, photographic, ambulance, agricultural and glider-towing purposes. Of the 620 built up until 1965, 432 were for West German military/paramilitary or civil consumption, whilst the remainder were widely exported.

Robert Jackson "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft", 2004

 ENGINE1 x 270hp Lycoming GO-480-B1A6 flat-six piston engine
    Take-off weight1850 kg4079 lb
    Wingspan12.00 m39 ft 4 in
    Length9.60 m32 ft 6 in
    Height2.80 m9 ft 2 in
    Max. speed227 km/h141 mph
    Ceiling3300 m10850 ft
    Range1100 km684 miles

Barrett, 18.08.2012

So basically a German Pilatus Turbo Porter.

Capt. J. Gonçalves ling_corsai, 12.11.2010

I flew it in Angola from 69 to 72. Not easy with crosswind but nice for STOL operations. Great fun. I have made more than 1500 flying hours without any problem.

rudolf pata, 07.09.2009

i had a DO-27A1 and a DO-27A4, both were great aircraft..should have kept the A4.....can not find any for sale in USA at this time...have a Piper Aztec i would trade straight across for a DO-27.....

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