Dornier Do 28D / Do 128 Skyservant
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Dornier Do 28D / Do 128 Skyservant

While the original Do 28 series had an advantage over the Do 27 by providing twin-engine safety and enhanced performance, it did not have any more internal space, the cabin dimensions being identical to those of its predecessor. Financial assistance provided by the German Ministry of Economics helped Dornier to develop the layout into a bulkier, higher-powered STOL transport which could carry up to 13 passengers and this redesigned version was designated Dornier Do 28D, later being named Skyservant. The redesign was so drasticthat, apart from the layout and designation, the Do 28D bore little resemblance to the Do 28B. The prototype flew on 23 February 1966, receiving type approval a year later. Developed as the Do 28D-1, the type won FAA certification on 19 April 1968 and military type approval in January 1970. Orders for 125 were placed for the German Luftwaffe and Bundesmarine, and other military deliveries have been made to Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria, Turkey and Zambia. More than 220 Skyservants are in operation world-wide.

A Do 28D-1 set several class records for piston-engined business aircraft in 1972, including an altitude of 8624m with a 1000kg payload, as well as several time-to-height records. It was followed by the Do 28D-2, which introduced a number of refinements, and in 1980, a Luftwaffe Do 28D-2 was re-engined with Avco Lycoming TIGO-540 turbocharged engines under a contract from the German Federal Ministry of Defence prior to upgrading that country's military Skyservants; the new designation was Do 28D-2T.

Further development of the basic Do 28D design continued under a new designation: Do 128 Skyservant. Two basic designs were offered, the Do 128-2 and Do 128-6. Both 10-passen-ger models, the main difference was in powerplant, the Do 128-2 having two Avco Lycoming IGSO-540 piston engines and the Do 128-6 two 298kW Pratt & Whitney PT6A-110 turboprops. The latter had first been seen in prototype form as the Do 28D-5X, known then as the TurboSky and powered by two 447kW Avco Lycoming LTP 101-600-1A turboprops flat-rated to 298kW. The Do 128-6 had, in addition, a new fuel tank, reinforcements to the underwing engine supports and other modifications. Orders and options for 30 Do 128-6s from African customers were announced, the first going to Lesotho Airways. A variant of the Do 128-6 was also delivered to Cameroun for maritime patrol work, equipped with a 360 MEL Marec surveillance radar. Production ceased in the mid-1980s.

Dornier Do 28D / Do 128 Skyservant

 MODELDo 128-2
 ENGINE2 x Avco Lycoming IGSO-540-A1E, 283kW
    Take-off weight3842 kg8470 lb
    Empty weight2346 kg5172 lb
    Wingspan15.55 m51 ft 0 in
    Length11.41 m37 ft 5 in
    Height3.9 m13 ft 10 in
    Wing area29 m2312.15 sq ft
    Max. speed325 km/h202 mph
    Cruise speed211 km/h131 mph
    Ceiling7680 m25200 ft
    Range642 km399 miles

Dornier Do 28D / Do 128 SkyservantA three-view drawing (1161 x 1698)

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Sofian Manullang, 02.10.2017

Can you please advise supplier to buy Dornier DO 28 D1 spare part? I need some spare part for our maintenance.

Mike monroe, 06.03.2017

I have do28 parts new in boxs and plastic wrappers please call mike Monroe 608-332-5530

Jim salazar, 17.11.2016

Hello if anyone has any spare parts manuals or people that can provide technical assistance on dornier 28 Do please contact me at jim Salazar your time is greatly appreciated.

David, 14.06.2014

I have some New Old Stock spares for the Do 28D if anyone is interested? Includes landing gear (main and tail), Flight control surfaces, Windscreen and cockpit side windows as well as some IGSO-540 parts.

p landers, 17.12.2013

I flew one ride at Wunstorf in 1984 while there for a Berlin Airlift exercise. Performance was good, but the noise was barely tolerable.

John Fuller, 10.09.2013

We actually own and operate Do28 D-2 s/n 4155 N273PA, probably the only one flying in the U.S. I am getting some interest from people in buying one (ours is not for sale), so if you know of any, please advise. Also, an acquaintance is rebuilding a D-1 in Alaska, so any sources of parts (particularly magnesium fittings) would be welcome information.
If you are looking for engines, which is the biggest operational issue with these planes, we had ours overhauled at Central Cylinder in Omaha, NB after an extensive search for the outfit with the best reputation. Great results so far.

brad crossman, 17.08.2012

hi aim or looking for some imformation on the dornier,i am building a rc model 2.200 metres wing span/ question // are the front wing slots retracable or fixed in one position/and also wood working flaps be a advantage in a model plane / send comments to my address

mali, 20.06.2011

I need a good one, no junk. thanks. You can contact me at CFBaircraft at

, 20.06.2011

Do 128 Skyservant

A Joel Eisenberg, 25.04.2011

Am interested in buying a Dornier 28 Skyservant for part 135 scheduled air service +1 206 722 3333

Fidel Maldonado, 13.01.2011

Muy buenas tardes!! estoy interesado en el numero del STC para la modificacion de un DORNIER DO28 de Motores a Piston a Turbinas PWC PT6A!!? Saludos Ygracias

aaron dengate, 04.05.2010

i use to see german navy skyservents fly in manston from time to time the german aiforce ones were very rare at manston the last one in at manston was 5925 flying back from yeovilton to go back to kiel

Ticky Hernandez, 25.12.2009

I flew the DO-28D out of San Juan, PR, for a short while may years ago. We carried passengers with them, but people conplained it was too noisy so they were sold out. It is a great freighter.

Christoph Frey, 29.06.2009

Im looking for a EU or ideally German Registered Do 128 or 28 to purchase or ideally dry lease.. Does anyone know where I can get one ? The aircraft shall be used for commercial purpose so I need a good one, no junk. thanks. You can contact me at CFBaircraft at

ward faes, 15.06.2009

wat is the unit cost???

Manuel Calleja, 18.11.2008


My name is Manuel Calleja, from Mexico. I am very interested on buying one or two engines for my Dornier Do-28. I am looking for the Lycoming GSIO-540-AIE model. Please, If you have some information about this kind of engines, send me and email. I am willing to buy at least a complete one.


Manuel Calleja


we have a Dornier 28 we like if you have aby infromation fo make modification for the engines for make a turbopro

Gerhard Riedl, 27.05.2008

There is a model missing. Between the Do27 and the development of the Do28, Dornier in Aubing west of Munich worked on a twin engine pusher prop aircraft that could rotated gearbox and props downward for vertical Take off or near vertical T/O. I don't remember the model's name anymore. Can anyone help?

B.Weinberger, 25.09.2007

We have 5 Dornier 28 Sky Servant to be sold. Pls contact us
is interested. BR

Roy Tassell, 31.08.2007

I know of a Canadian owned version on floats. Were there any more floatplanes ?
Cheers Roy.

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