Dornier Do D-1


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Dornier Do D-1

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Dornier Do D-1

 ENGINE1 x BMW IIIa, 136kW
  Take-off weight885 kg1951 lb
  Empty weight160 kg353 lb
  Wingspan7.8 m26 ft 7 in
  Length6.4 m21 ft 0 in
  Height2.6 m9 ft 6 in
  Wing area18.6 m2200.21 sq ft
  Max. speed200 km/h124 mph
  Cruise speed80 km/h50 mph
  Ceiling8100 m26600 ft
 ARMAMENT2 machine-guns

Barry, 28.11.2016 14:14

Sometimes known as the Zeppelin D.1, or Zeppelin-LindauD1
Zeppelin D.1 (Do), only seven of this type were produced. Although one example crashed killing the pilot, Wilhelm Rheinhard, and after complaints had been made about general handling especially aileron control, some fifty machines were ordered into production. They airframes were 50% complete in 1919 when production was terminated. One was purchased by the USN and another by U.S Army Air Service to investigate the novel form of production.

The empty weight was 1,562 lb and I would guess the cruising speed to be about 100 mph.


Henry E, e-mail, 03.12.2010 22:18

I have doubts about these data:

Empty weight vs. takeoff weight with 200 sq ft wing area, about 10# per sq ft!
Ceiling of 26,600 ft unlikely in 1918, without boost.
Cruise speed of 50mph? Maybe landing speed...

But it's an interesting design. The absence of wires and extensive struts suggests a higher cruise and top speed.


"Bugs", e-mail, 30.09.2010 17:36

Is the 50 mph cruise speed a mistake?
Thanks for your response!


Dr. Milton Nathanson, e-mail, 22.11.2007 09:23

I would appreciate any info you could give me about this aircraft. I came in contact with it at the air-space museum in DC but no one including Dornier can supply information.


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