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Euler C-type No.2

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Alberto Rizzi, 22.06.2017

It's possible the specifics were similar: but they concern the single seater type, while the photograph shows the final version of the two seater prototype. Its first version had the frontal machin gun on a ring in the nose of the nacelle, as usual in the similar aircrafts of those years.
While there was a single seat fighter with pusher engine, and (so it seems) with one fixed machine gun in the nose.
All these aircrafts (the two seater was intendend as escort fighter and anti-shipping patrol aircraft) were refused after their flight trials.

Barry, 17.05.2016

An experimental single seat pusher only one of which was built.
Power plant 1 x 160 h.p. Mercedes D III
Span 48'7" Length 30'6" Height 10'6" Wing area 568 sq ft
Empty weight 1,082 lb
Armament 2 x parabellum 7.92mm machine guns

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