Fieseler Fi.156
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Fieseler Fi.156

First flown in 1936, the Storch was developed specifically for slow-speed flying and for take off from and landing in restricted spaces. It was used throughout World War II on various military duties, the Fi 156A-1 being the first production type; the Fi 156C-1 serving as a staff transport; the Fi 156C-2 as a short-range reconnaissance aircraft; and the Fi 156D as an ambulance. Other sub-types were used for general-purpose and army co-operation duties. During the occupation of France, the Fi 156 was built by the Morane-Saulnier company at its Puteaux factory, while others were produced in Mraz, Czechoslovakia.

A total of 2,549 Fi 156s were built. Serving on virtually every front, the Storch is best remembered for rescuing Benito Mussolini from the hotel where he was being held in the Gran Sasso mountain range on 12 September 1943.

Fieseler Fi.156

 ENGINE1 x Argus As 10C-3, 179kW
    Take-off weight1325 kg2921 lb
    Empty weight930 kg2050 lb
    Wingspan14.25 m47 ft 9 in
    Length9.9 m33 ft 6 in
    Height3.05 m10 ft 0 in
    Wing area26 m2279.86 sq ft
    Max. speed175 km/h109 mph
    Cruise speed130 km/h81 mph
    Ceiling4600 m15100 ft
    Range385 km239 miles

Fieseler Fi.156A three-view drawing (1440 x 1118)

Barry, 24.01.2013

The most widely used version was probably the two man C3 powered by the Argus As 10P engine and featuring a 7.92mm machine gun in the rear of the cockpit. A larger 5 passenger model, the Fi256, was built at the Morane Saulnier works but only two models were completed so it never actually entered service. After hostilities had ended, both Morane Saulnier in France and Mraz in Czechoslovakia continued to manufacture the Storch. Morane Saulnier produced the M.S.500, M.S.501, and M.S.502 variants and Mraz the K-65 Cap.

Mike Walling, 27.11.2011

For rough field operation there was an attachment to the undercarriage which provided 2 wheels on each side of the aircraft. Each pair of wheels had a caterpillar track made from a type of strengthened rubber which ran on larger spoked wheels to allow operation on surfaces with up to 12" deep ruts. The wheels themselves we quite closely coupled. I have seen two photographs of this taken during WW2.

RainyHipster, 24.10.2011

This aircraft is most famous for rescuing Mussolini after his arrest in 1943.

gooda, 20.06.2011

which could be extended and retracted as well as be set intermediately at any desired setting

, 20.06.2011

Fieseler Fi.156

Greg, 20.04.2011

The "Fantasy of Flight" museum in Polk City Florida USA has a beautifully restored flying condition example. I personally saw it fly only a few years ago. Kermit Weeks owns this place and all his aircraft are in flying condition. They fly a plane every day at 3pm.

Gary Laughlin, 16.01.2011

Where can I find a Storchen for sale ?

Flyingrebc, 30.11.2010

I, amoung others am participating in flying the 40 hours necessary for certification, a StolKing, which is a replica scaled down version with a Lom engine, it also is a treat.

Flyingreb, 30.11.2010

I, and a friend of mine had the pleasure of flying a Storch into Atlanta-Hartsfield International in 1993, they held a celibration called "BestFest". A short window was opened for various Planes to enter, I had to remove myself from the plane and kick the tail wheel around to exit 27R runway while a T6 was close behind.

Jim, 25.11.2010


Go to this link,, click on "Dennis Bryant Plans", and there are plans for two different size RC models of this aircraft, one is 70 inches on the wing and the other is 94 inches. I hopefully will be building one in the years to come. I have always admired this aircraft. Good luck. Jim

wlkriessmann, 24.09.2010

There were extandable slats at he Storch From July 1941 to March 1942 I took many flights with different Storchs (CK+NY.,CG+BF,NE+KK a,o) Put down the slats and stepped on the breaks released them and stated off the Maifeld at the Reichsportfeld Berlin -- the headquarter of Col. Gen Weise, Befehlshaber Mitrte ---often through the wide Marathon columns and landed eithet in Doeberitz or Rangsdorf ,allways a gen staff officers on "board;" An amazing bird wlk

M.R. Morrison, 04.03.2010

Is there any reason why extended fixed slats were used rather than adjustable slats which could be extended and retracted as well as be set intermediately at any desired setting ?

oscar azevedo, 01.01.2009

Mr VAlla, contact me at my email I can probably help with all the manuals. Regards, Oscar

Geir J. Valla, 31.10.2008

Hello ! I`am collecting parts to a Fieseler Storch 156,and am very interested in the manual of this aircraft.

tom, 23.10.2008

google The Storch Ring lots of info and links

Shackley, 07.06.2008

Is there a flying model of this airplane that you know of and can be purchased? Thanks.

High Eagle One, 14.05.2008

I was lucky enough to score a ride in one of these aircraft [C+F T+F] and it is an awesome experience! The plane can actually float on the wind.

THE WHO, 25.03.2008


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