Gotha Go-242
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Gotha Go-242

The first prototype flew in 1941. 1528 built. 133 of them were modified into Go-244.

Gotha Go-242

    Take-off weight6800-7300 kg14992 - 16094 lb
    Empty weight3200 kg7055 lb
    Wingspan24.5 m80 ft 5 in
    Length15.8 m52 ft 10 in
    Height4.25 m14 ft 11 in
    Wing area62.4 m2671.67 sq ft
 ARMAMENT4 x 7.9mm machine-guns

Gotha Go-242A three-view drawing (1438 x 1112)

Gotha Go-242

brad crossman, 01.11.2011

i am building a rc model off the gotha go 244 2metres200 span if any one has any imformation that may assist me with my project wood you contact me thanks brad

paidui, 21.06.2011

wat about the gotha go 229! do u know how famous it was

, 21.06.2011

Gotha Go-242

Blitz128, 09.06.2011

Common misconception, the plane was built by the Horton brothers, and is correctly refered to as the HO-229

Aero99, 18.03.2011

wat about the gotha go 229! do u know how famous it was

Mykola, 18.10.2010

Is it a glider?

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