Gotha Ursinus G.I
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Gotha Ursinus G.I

The G.I was an unusual-looking biplane with its wings and fuselage arranged in a similar manner to that chosen by Fairey for its Hendon bomber many years later. The first G.I flew in July 1915 followed by a further 17 of these three seater machines. While the prototype used two 160hp Mercedes D Ills, the production aircraft employed two 150hp Benz Bz Ills. mounted on the lower wing. A single Mercedes D.III-engined example of a seaplane version was also completed as the U.W.D. (Ursinus Wasser Doppeldecker, or Oscar Ursinus-designed float biplane).

Gotha Ursinus G.IA three-view drawing (688 x 244)

 ENGINE2 x Benz Bz-III, 110kW
    Take-off weight2810 kg6195 lb
    Wingspan22.0/19.7 m72 ft 2 in / 65 ft 8 in
    Length12.9 m42 ft 4 in
    Height3.9 m13 ft 10 in
    Wing area82.0 m2882.64 sq ft
    Max. speed130 km/h81 mph
    Ceiling2700 m8850 ft
    Range w/max.fuel540 km336 miles
 ARMAMENT1 machine-gun

Gotha Ursinus G.I

DoughboyWWI, 20.01.2015

How common would it have been to seen one of these Gothas?

Gonšalo de Sousa, 12.11.2006

The Heyford is a Handley Page (Handley Page HP.50 Heyford).

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