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Gotha G.IV

Development of the Gotha G.III. Mainstay of the German strategic bomber program. Later versions had biplane tails with twin fins and eliminated the position for the nose gunner. The blunt nose made it possible to place the engines closer together, and together with placing the tailfins in the slipstream this gave better one-engine performance -- making it possible to run the engine at full power. But none of the type G twin-engined biplanes could fly level on one engine. Another feature of the Gotha G was a 'tunnel' in the bottom of the tail, that made it possible for the tail gunner to cover the lower rear of the aircraft.

The G.IV (also produced by LVG and Siemens-Schuckert) was used in the first mass attack on England, when 21 Gothas raided Folkestone, Shorncliffe and elsewhere on 25 May 1917, killing about 95 people and injuring many others. On 13 June 14 Gothas attacked London for the first time and caused the worst casualties (of an air raid) of the war, with 162 people being killed and 432 injured. The heavy casualties suffered among the civilian population of England by these raids forced the return of aircraft from France to defend the cities, and such was their success that the last big raid on England during daylight hours was carried out on 12 August.

Gotha G.IV

 ENGINE2 x 260hp Mercedes D.IVa
  Take-off weight3975 kg8763 lb
  Empty weight2740 kg6041 lb
  Wingspan23.70 m78 ft 9 in
  Length11.86 m39 ft 11 in
  Height4.30 m14 ft 1 in
  Wing area89.50 m2963.37 sq ft
  Max. speed140 km/h87 mph
  Cruise speed124 km/h77 mph
  Ceiling6500 m21350 ft
  Range522 km324 miles

malu, 18.06.2011 12:03

Was engaged in camobat with Gotha's .. Plane has been rebuilt as a replica and now flying would like to hear from you at email attched Greg


greg, e-mail, 24.05.2010 16:07

To Prof Mag Heinz Linner.. are you building a full size Gotha????? keen to hear .. am involved in making a documentary of a Sopwith Pup which crashed in England.. Was engaged in camobat with Gotha's .. Plane has been rebuilt as a replica and now flying would like to hear from you at email attched Greg


andrew, e-mail, 21.05.2010 01:11

hi i bought an amazing original model of a G 111 for my son at an auction , ARE THEY RARE ,with a 900 mm wing span , i love it , thoughts please


Paul hasse, e-mail, 22.12.2009 18:49

I built this aircraft with cartoon. Plan: GPM Gotha GIV Nr.Kat.244 Seria "G" 1´2006
A fine production!! P.Hasse


Prof. Mag. Heinz Linner, e-mail, 07.06.2009 22:22

I have order to build a Gotha G IV in fly /con. The a /c is for a a /c museum in Germany. I have build for museums a austrian Alb. B I, a Etrich-Taube F 1912, a Etrich-Taube NM 1913, Phönix D I, Grade, Farman III, Bleriot XI, Harlan 1913, Etrich-Zanonia, Leonardo, in moment I work by two Po 2, all in fly /con. I have many drw. from the kuk a /c´s, so I hope, I can next year build a H-B C I. It´s a well job.


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