Grob G-850 Strato 2C
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Grob G-850 Strato 2C

The Grob Strato 2C was a German experimental high altitude research aircraft. Powered by two turbocharged piston engines and featuring an extremely long span wing of composite construction, one aircraft was built in the 1990s, but was abandoned despite setting a world altitude record for piston engined aircraft on its last flight.


 ENGINE2 x 300kW Teledyne Continental TSIOL-555 piston engines
    Take-off weight13350 kg29432 lb
    Empty weight6650 kg14661 lb
    Wingspan56,50 m184 ft 9 in
    Length23,97 m75 ft 6 in
    Height7,76 m23 ft 12 in
    Wing area145,.00 m21560.77 sq ft
    Cruise speed520 km/h323 mph
    Ceiling26000 m85300 ft
    Range18100 km11247 miles

Berhard, 15.10.2013

The largest diameter propellor was used (according to the guinnes book of records) by a
Linke-Hofmann R II
roughly 22ft diameter two blade props..

STH, 27.10.2012

Does this aircraft hold the world record for worlds largest diameter propellors.? Wikipedia references list the props as 5-blade19ft-8in driven by the 300kw recips. These are larger than the Convair B-36 3-blade props of 19ft dia. driven by 3000kw R4360s.

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