Grob G-109 / Vigilant T.1
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Grob G-109 / Vigilant T.1

The Grob G 109 is a two-seat self-launching motor glider in which the pilot and passenger or student sit side by side, with good visibility provided by large windows. As well as normal civilian use this aircraft is now used in Volunteer Gliding Squadrons by the Royal Air Force to train Air Cadets through the Gliding Induction and Gliding Scholarship courses. The Grob 109B is known in RAF service as the Vigilant T1.


Grob G-109 / Vigilant T.1

Barry, 26.08.2016

There were some 53 Vigilant T.1 purchased by the R.A.F. for use at the R.A.F. Central Flying School and four Volunteer Gliding Squadrons : Nos. 631, 632, 637 and 645. Following airworthiness issues the number in use was reduced to 15.

Power plant 1 x 95 h.p. Grob 2500 E1 four cylinder air cooled piston engine.

Accommodation 2 (Pupil and Instructor)

Span 57'1" Length 26'8" Height 5'7" Wing area 204 sq ft
Empty weight 1,874 lb Loaded weight 1,874 lb

Service ceiling 8,000 ft

, 12.06.2011

Grob G-109 / Vigilant T.1 is look like a very light plane

Danger Al, 18.01.2010

I flew the G-109 many times from the Grob factory to the Alps not far away. From an operational standpoint, it was a well-developed design with an easily feathered prop, 2-pitch control, folding wings, etc. It sips fuel, handles nicely without flaws, and has cool novel features such as a speedbrake detent that can be overridden with a little extra control force. Engine starts reliably after extended gliding. Well done! Glide ratio is decent, but it's just too heavy for most updrafts unless you are particularly good at finding strong lift.

Herbert, 13.04.2009

The Grob T-1 Vigilant ist a military version of the G-109 Motor Glider.

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