Heinkel He 1
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Heinkel He 1

Three-seat low-wing monoplane floatplane designed by Ernst Heinkel but produced under licence in Sweden for the Navy as the Svenska S.1 of 1923, powered by the 179kW Maybach Mb IVa or Siddeley Puma engine.

Barry, 19.05.2016

Span 59'1" Length 41'6" Height 12'8"
Empty weight 3,750 lb Gross weight 5,115 lb
Maximum speed 99 mph Service ceiling 13,125 ft
Armament 1 flexible machine gun in rear cockpit

, 12.06.2011

looks like a hansa brandenburg

Anders Nilsson, 19.01.2011

I have an photo from my grandfather of this aeroplane the plain has No 38 in the front of the nose (right side) My grandfather´s best friend was Sergeant V Nilsson who flight the Junker G 24 Uppland in the expedition to save Umberto Nobile. Is this an photo of the same pilot and the same aeroplan?

Adolf Jaeger, 08.12.2010

Ernst Heinkel designed the Hansa Brandenburg aeroplanes, before building them under his own name, hence the similarity.

Lars Nova, 17.06.2010

looks like a hansa brandenburg

Lars Nova, 17.06.2010

looks like a hansa brandenburg

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