Heinkel He 114
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Heinkel He 114

Intended to replace Heinkel's own He 60, the Heinkel He 114 was developed originally as a private venture. Five prototypes, flown in 1936 and 1937, were powered by a variety of engines, including the 716kW Daimler-Benz DB 600, the 477kW Junkers Jumo 210, the 656kW BMW 132Dc and the 716kW BMW 132K. Ten pre-production He 114A-0 aircraft were built, with the BMW 132Dc engine, which was adopted also for the 33 He 114A-1 trainers. A development aircraft with a BMW 132K engine, flown on 16 February 1937, preceded the similarly-powered He 114A-2 which was the first operational version, armed with a fixed forward-firing 7.92mm MG 17 machine-gun and an identical weapon mounted in the observer's cockpit. Export orders comprised 14 He 114A-2s for Sweden as the He 114B-1, and six He 114B-2 aircraft for Romania (three with DB 600 engines and three with Jumo 210s). Romania also bought 12 He 114B-2S with BMW 132K engines. Fourteen He 114C-1 aircraft, with an additional fixed MG 17, were supplied to the Luftwaffe. The type saw limited war-time service, although production ceased in 1939, and some were armed with up to four 50kg bombs.

Heinkel He 114

 ENGINE1 x BMW 132K, 610kW
    Take-off weight3420 kg7540 lb
    Empty weight2314 kg5102 lb
    Wingspan13.3 m44 ft 8 in
    Length11.9 m39 ft 1 in
    Height5.2 m17 ft 1 in
    Wing area42.3 m2455.31 sq ft
    Max. speed292 km/h181 mph
    Cruise speed265 km/h165 mph
    Ceiling4800 m15750 ft
    Range w/max.fuel1050 km652 miles
    Range w/max.payload910 km565 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 7.92mm machine-guns

Heinkel He 114A three-view drawing (1000 x 645)

gangya, 21.06.2011

although production ceased in 1939, and some were armed with up to four 50kg bombs.

, 21.06.2011

Heinkel He 114

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