Heinkel He 2


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Heinkel He 2

The Heinkel He 2 represented an improvement on the He 1 and underwent considerable testing before it was licence-built in Sweden as the Svenska S.2 for the Swedish Navy and for export to Finland and possibly other countries. A two-seater, it was normally powered by a 268kW Rolls-Royce Eagle IX engine, although a 223kW Hispano-Suiza, 298kW Liberty or similar engine could be fitted. Maximum level speed was 185km/h.

Barry, 19.05.2016 15:02

Only 5 of these were produced. The first three and one later one were built by the Svenska as the S3. The fifth model was built by the Swedish Navy sometime later. All used the R.R. Eagle engine no other was used and as rightly noted none were exported to Finland or elsewhere. They were flown for 10 years finally retiring in 1935.

Span 57'4" Length 41'6" Height 12'10" Wing area 577 sq ft
Empty weight 4,105 lb Gross weight 5,455 lb
Maximum speed 114 mph Service ceiling 13,120 ft

Armament 1 x 7.92 mm trainable Madsen M /22 machine gun


SVaaka, e-mail, 27.08.2011 14:58

This plane was never used by finnish military forces.


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