Heinkel He 219 Uhu
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Heinkel He 219 Uhu

Potentially one of the Luftwaffe's most effective night-fighters, the Heinkel He 219 Uhu (owl) was another aircraft which suffered from misjudgements by senior members of the government and Luftwaffe high command. It derived from Heinkel's private-venture P.1060 fighter-bomber proposal, which received little encouragement until 1941 when it was seen to have promise as a night-fighter. An all-metal shoulder-wing monoplane, the He 219 seated the pilot and navigator back-to-back, was the first operational aircraft in the world to introduce ejection seats, and was also the Luftwaffe's first operational aircraft with tricycle landing gear. The first prototype was flown on 15 November 1942, powered by two 1305kW Daimler-Benz DB 603A engines; the second prototype, flown in December, had a different armament installation. Following evaluation of one of the prototypes in mock combat against a Dornier Do 217N and a Junkers Ju 88S, an 'off the drawing board' order for 100 aircraft was increased to 300; further prototypes were used in the aircraft's development programme. From April 1943 a small number of He 219A-0 pre-production aircraft flew with 1.NJG 1 at Venlo in the Netherlands, and on the night of 11 June 1943 Major Werner Streib shot down five Avro Lancasters in a single sortie. The first six operational sorties flown by the unit resulted in claims for 20 RAF aircraft, including six de Havilland Mosquitoes. Despite cancellation of the programme in May 1944, production deliveries of a number of versions were made, principally to 1./NJG 1 and NJGr 10.

Heinkel He 219 Uhu

 ENGINE2 x Deimler-Benz DB 603G, 1417kW
    Take-off weight15300 kg33731 lb
    Empty weight11200 kg24692 lb
    Wingspan18.5 m61 ft 8 in
    Length15.54 m51 ft 0 in
    Height4.1 m13 ft 5 in
    Wing area44.5 m2478.99 sq ft
    Max. speed670 km/h416 mph
    Cruise speed630 km/h391 mph
    Ceiling12200 m40050 ft
    Range2000 km1243 miles
 ARMAMENT6 x 30mm + 2 x 20mm cannons

Heinkel He 219 UhuA three-view drawing (1625 x 1115)

Dave, 11.11.2013

The best colour for a night fighter was gloss black, as seen on the American P-61 Black Widow. Later, some Canberra jet bombers were also painted gloss black.

Klaatu83, 11.10.2013

Yet another example of a highly-sophisticated German aircraft that took far too long to develop, and eventually proved to be too little and too late.

Barry, 31.01.2013

The comments about being painted in black are quite interesting. The Beaufighter I night fighter and the Mosquito NFII were both painted overall in matt black and so were the undersides of all RAF bomber command heavy bonbers from Whitley to Lincoln. However, a more unsuitable colour one could not find as the silouhette of the plane stood out far more than if it had been painted in some other colour including white! The Germans mastery of camouflage left the British standing. It was not until much later in the war that the R.A.F. began to understand the vageries of camouflage for example the soft pink used on reconnaissance Spitfires after D-Day. As for the USAAF some of their aircraft were painted in Olive Drab but so many were left in natural aluminium and just to make sure they could be seen were finished off with bright yellow/red/blue on the nose, tail, and wing tips. What ever rocks your boat.

Naga, 14.07.2012

No, most aircraft operating at night were not painted overall black, including the Uhu. Perhaps on the undersides, but when looked at from directly above, black would be visible against the backdrop of even a darkened countryside. That's why most night aircraft (with the exception of some P-61 Black Widows) only had black undersurfaces. If you look at some of the illustrations on this website about British aircraft, you'll notice the same thing.

John, 02.05.2012

I am courious, since it was a night fighter, was the plane also painted overall black?

Klaus Schneider, 13.08.2011

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nana, 20.06.2011

What a night fighter, the first aircraft to have an ejection seat! Was a stellar night fighter that could hold it's own, too bad the high command didn't see the promise in this

, 20.06.2011

Heinkel He 219 Uhu

OttoBufonto, 18.06.2010

Folks, please write Daimler-Benz. The typo really hurts.

Dave, 03.07.2009

Yet another example of German design brilliance coupled with blinding arrogance/stupidity by the politicians

stephenlangks, 24.01.2009

herman goring & the luftwaffes bias on messerschimitt messed them all up

G Davis, 12.09.2007

What a night fighter, the first aircraft to have an ejection seat! Was a stellar night fighter that could hold it's own, too bad the high command didn't see the promise in this awsome design that could of helped the reich! Isn't it amaizing how many Geman aircraft in WW-2 used equipment that are now mainstays in modern fighters?

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