Heinkel He 274
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Heinkel He 274

Developed in substitution for the planned He 177A-4 high-altitude bomber, the Heinkel He 274 was the detail design responsibility of Societe Anonyme des Usines Farman's Suresnes factory in occupied France. Fitted with a pressure cabin, the aircraft was powered by four 1305kW Daimler-Benz DB 603A-2 engines and featured a lengthened version of the He 177A-3 fuselage, with a new high-aspect-ratio wing and twin fins and rudders. Two prototypes were ordered in May 1943, together with four He 274A-0 pre-production examples, which were to have 1417kW DB 603G engines. Despite an unsuccessful German attempt to destroy the almost-complete first prototype when they retreated from Paris in July 1944, the aircraft was finished by the French after the liberation and flown from Orleans-Bricy in December 1945 as the AAS 01 A. It was used later to test-fly models of such aircraft as the Aerocentre NC 270 and the Sud-Ouest SO 4000.

Heinkel He 274

Heinkel He 274A three-view drawing (1200 x 624)

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Jek Silberstein, 28.03.2015

I believe not the HE-274 (although that Could have been used by France for its nukes, when DeGaulle was setting-up his "Force de F..."), but the He-177/277 was used when the Nazis were reducing the Sevestapol forts in 1942 (--1st nuke-use EVER, in the new age ). The Soviets said they KNEW the Nazis had done something Extra-ordinary, and if that happened again, the Soviets promised they would turn to poison gas. It(He-177/277 could have been used to obliterate the Jewish lager/Getto on Rugan island in '44. After 8/44, the Nazis still holding Strausbourg, Albert Speer gave a speech to the Globalists, stating Nukes would NOT be used in Western Europe, showing todays historians that the Globalist-conspiracy had more power in Europe than Hitler, whose "boy" he was. Speer later refused a direct order[--Immediate shooting offense!] from Hitler to destroy the Rhur, without Hitler even getting angry at him, when Speer visited the Berlin Bunker for the last time. Of course, if Speer visited After 4/26/45, he visited a "double", NOT the real Hitler. As per Adm. Donitz's orders, U-boats surfaced, and one near the US east coast had two bombs and a ton/two of bomb uranium, both of which were dropped on Japan, post-Hiroshima, one a "dud" and the other the Nagasaki-weapon. Most don't realize that Munich was necessary for the Nazis to go nuclear, because Europe's richest uranium deposits were in what is now the Czech-republic. Germany had 6 or more teams working on an A-bomb. Their chief nuke scientist, Hisenburg, was "left out of the loop" because everybody would watch him, and Germany had earlier perfected the centrifuge, concentrating uranium in the "Buna Synthetic rubber plant" which was Supposed to, but never did[--over two years!], make even ONE tire for the Whermacht.

vanpouckedirk, 05.05.2013

how menny flghts have this plane flis and whats the role in world war two thanks from van poucke dirk manny greets

mas, 27.06.2011

En 1944, mon père était chef d'atelier de l'usine Farman où était fabriqué cet avion ; j'avais 9 ans et il m'a fait visiter et voir le He 274 presque terminé . Il me disait qu'il faisait tout son possible pour ralentir la finition, malgré la présence des ingénieurs Allemand .
Je possède encore le plan général .
Souvenirs ....

dafag, 21.06.2011

But fortunately the Nazi's kept blundering in their Strategic and therefore their Tactical operations leading to inevitable failure. Thank God.

, 21.06.2011

Heinkel He 274

swilgus, 28.09.2010

oh, in case we forget, the Japanese where also late in the game developing a long range bomber or three. see anagrand's site for the 1/144 scale models w/ some history. the war could have taken quite a nasty turn if the Japanese had succeeded in developed an a-bomb, rumor and Hist Channel say they did and fired it off coast of N. Korea at the end of the war. the six engine Nakajima G10N1 Fugaku was such a craft. it would easily reach US and return. w/ 1 A-bomb it could have changed everything. all i can say is wow: we cut it close boys and girls. hope we learned to stay WAY ahead of the game. God Bless and keep US all.

swilgus, 26.09.2010

prt 2: the end was that Germany was in fact surrounded, but not having long legs on their a/c was in fact as damning as no a/c at all. russia moved everything east of the Ural mts, out of reach of EVERY combat a/c in the world @ that time [frm Ger]. so, as in the US, Russia had no worries and could produce 24/7/365 w/o German interference/bombing runs. the bottom line is that HAD Germany developed an a/c like General Webel wanted, there could have been a terribly different outcome for the war: and yes bombers w/o fighter are juicy hamburgers. so, the Horton HO-229 could have flown as the Nat Geo "Hitler's Stealth Fighter" program illustrated as the BEST jet for years and would have been more than enough to succeed. England WOULD have fallen if the 277 or 274 flew in #'s enough. a pistol is good for CQB, not for the Field engagements [i was a former SF Medic Candidate - not tabbed due to career ending injury but trained like an SOB]. the discussion continues!!

swilgus, 26.09.2010

flamer mail shows a minuscule mind: 'johnny'; if you can't speak with knowledge,then listen with humility. smarter and more informed than you can teach ONLY if one is willing to learn. the Bomber Program in Germany suffered what the Fighter Program did: political stratification leading to a phenomenal failure to capitalize on tech. one mod to the FW-190 that literally could have been implemented within WEEKS took over a year due to Nazi stupidity. see the new book The Focke-Wulf TA-152 by Mr. Th. H. Hitchcock, pg 59, para 2. the bomber prg suffered the idiocy of Goering et al as the 'dive bomber' factor played so strong that it itself crippled the design teams. being a pilot myself and trained by a WWII veteran [my dad], he taught me the Army Air Corps way to fly and dive bombing is VERY difficult. end prt 1

Simon Gunson, 06.07.2010

In 1941 Goering forbade all further work on the He-177B which RLM issued a requirement for in November 1938. The He-274 was developed from the proposed He-177 A4, which had 4 engines in separate nacelles with a pressurised cockpit. Heinkel sidestepped Goering's ban by obtaining an entirely new RLM designation, as the He-274 Design work was ordered to start in October 1941.

The wingspan was greater than for the He-277, however in many respects the He-274 allowed Ernst Heinkel to contract out complicated development aspects like the pressurised cockpit, later adopted for the He-177 A5 and A7. The He-277 was designated He-177 A8 by RLM prior to August 1943.

In May 1943 at a conference of aircraft designers at Obersalzberg Hitler demanded a high altitude strategic bomber. Only Heinkel had the spare production capability and a design ready to go. Two prototype He-274 had been ordered built in France, but also four pre-production aircraft at Heinkel's Rostock-Marinehe factory.

Simon Gunson, 30.06.2010

Pretty fascinating what steven says about it being built at Rostock because the order in May 1943 was for two prototypes and four pre production aircraft. Just wondering how many were built. Significance was really if it were intended as a nuclear bomber it could fly higher than any Allied interceptor. That's what made the aircraft dangerous. With one atomic weapon and a service ceiling above any interception.

OttoBufonto, 18.06.2010

At swilgus: Definitely yes for your last sentence. He who seeds the wind will harvest the storm. As Francis wrote correctly, the He 274 was designed as high altitude bomber (absolute ceiling > 14.000 m) At Simon: Indeed the He 274 was a "franchise" with the French Farman company.

Simon Gunson, 02.05.2010

The He-274 is often confused with the He-277 but in fact these were two different aircraft. At least 26 He-277 airframes were completed by the Heinkel works in Austria in the first half of 1944. The He-274 however appears to have come to a dead end with the Allied invasion of France.

Francis Maign, 22.12.2009

He 274
Quadrimoteur de bombardement, multiplace en postes ferms pressurises, equipage group lavant, monoplan voilure m diane haute cantilever droite, bi-drives, empennage horuizontal classique cantilever, train datterrissage classique escamotable, le train
principal roues jumeles se rtractant vers larrire dans les fuseaux moteurs intrieurs, la roulette de queue vers larrire. Construction entirement mtallique. 4 moteurs tractifs de 12 cylindres en V inverss Daimler-Benz DB-603A2 de 4 x 1850 Cv, (7400 Cv), monts au bord dattaque de la voilkure, hlices tripales mtalliques pas variable, E: 44,20 m, L: 23,80 m, H: 5,50 m, Sa: 142,00 m, Alklongement: 13,2, Carburant: 10130 litres, Voie du train: 6,90 m, PV: 21300 Kg, PTC: 38000 Kg, C/a: 267,605 Kg/m, P/p: 5,135 Kg/Cv, Vm: 580 Km/h, Vmi: 180 Km/h, PLa: 14300 m, Auto: 4250 Km ou 7 heures 45. 1er vol: 30/12/1945, 2 proototypes construits en France par la S.N.C.A.C sous la dsignation AAS 1.

Rench, 26.09.2009

The dearth of heavy bombers in German inventory for the period in question puzzled me. The reason these aircraft were not developed in a four engine format is as simple as the fact that Goering made the passing comment in 1935 that if all bombers had two engines they could build twice as many of them. Research Wilfred Wimmer for a tale of the able confronted with the powerfully inane.

NOT FUNNY, 12.07.2009


leo rudnicki, 09.04.2009

my vote for politically most screwed was the Blackburn Firebrand,followed by the the rest of the fleet air arm to 1943. German strategic bombers come third. Although the Germans did amazing things, a strategic campaign calls for escort fighters and a tremendous industrial effort and national will, something you can't buy at Wal-mart. Even B17's would have failed without Mustangs and the Air Training Plan. The Italians had a strategic bomber but no plan. The Japanese had a strategic bomber, never used.

swilgus, 21.03.2009

Unlike the B-29 [it cost more to develop than the Atomic Bomb it ultimately carried] the He-177 remains largely the premier example of political meddling in design -a dive bomber as well!?!?!?!- with changes often and whimsically. If made as a 4-engine and no dive bomber role it COULD have made a huge impact in the prosecution of the war on the Eastern Front. But fortunately the Nazi's kept blundering in their Strategic and therefore their Tactical operations leading to inevitable failure. Thank God.

Jonny, 13.01.2009

Steven, why don't you go and do something useful, like perhaps getting a life ? or maybe a girlfriend/wife, or even better, go get a gun and shoot yourself, you'd be doing everyone a favour.

STEVEN, 11.11.2008


Sgt.KAR98, 06.10.2008

For bombing what if Germany was already surrounded?

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