Heinkel He 59


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Heinkel He 59

The He 59 first appeared in 1931 and was a large twin-float biplane powered by two 492kW BMW VI engines. It was produced in limited numbers as a two- or four-seat reconnaissance and torpedo bomber, although numbers were operated as air-crew and armament trainers and for air-sea rescue. In the latter role it survived into World War II. Maximum level speed was 240km/h.

Heinkel He 59

 ENGINE2 x BMW VI 6.0 ZU, 485kW
  Take-off weight8950 kg19731 lb
  Empty weight5440 kg11993 lb
  Wingspan23.7 m78 ft 9 in
  Length17.4 m57 ft 1 in
  Height7.1 m23 ft 4 in
  Wing area153.4 m21651.18 sq ft
  Max. speed240 km/h149 mph
  Cruise speed205 km/h127 mph
  Range w/max.fuel800 km497 miles
 ARMAMENT1-2 7.92mm machine-guns 15 or 1 x 20mm machine-guns FF cannon

Heinkel He 59A three-view drawing (1000 x 742)

nichael, e-mail, 22.03.2016 14:34

A He-59D was used by the germans to surprise land in Rotterdam Harbour waters near the Noordereiland bridges to seize these bridges in the darkness of night early 10 may 1940. I believe 3 waterplanes were used and three little dingies with 4 or 5 soldiers got the time to inflate, peddle and climb up the stairs with no opposition except for one policeman "what these men think they were doing?". He got a bullet in the heart for an answer.


Dave, e-mail, 29.11.2012 22:59

"Action in the North Atlantic" with Humphrey Bogart and Raymond Massey. If you watch carefully, when the planes take off from their base, they are carrying torpedoes. When they attack, they drop bombs. if they dropped torpedoes, the movie would have ended earlier!


Andy Kliethermes, e-mail, 13.09.2012 04:11

was this aircraft featured in a movie regarding convoys to russia?


Barry, 19.06.2012 14:18

There were four basic models the He59A, B, C, and D. The C model was developed for the air sea rescue role carrying inflatable life rafts and supplies for downed air crew. Later the D model was used in the same role, in fact the colour illustration is of an He59D used in the air sea rescue role.


marry, 20.06.2011 11:43

Do anyone have a manual from this type aircraft


Geir J. Valla, e-mail, 31.10.2008 21:07

Hello ! i`am collecting parts to a HE-59. Do anyone have a manual from this type aircraft ?


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