Klemm Kl.107 / MBB Bo.207


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Klemm Kl.107 / MBB Bo.207

The Kl.107 low-wing, wooden-framed monoplane trainer was designed in Germany during World War II. Early versions were powered by the Hirth HM 500 100hp engine, and only a small number were completed before the factory was erased by Allied bombing. In 1956 it was decided to reintroduce the Kl-107 as a civil training/touring type, initially as the Kl-107B, but then as the three-seat Kl-107C. Rights to the design were acquired by what became the MBB consortium, and the final version became the Bo.207.

 ENGINE1 x 150hp Continental O-320
  Wingspan10.80 m35 ft 5 in
  Length8.30 m27 ft 3 in
  Max. speed234 km/h145 mph
  Range820 km510 miles

Kevin Morrow, e-mail, 08.08.2011 19:21

I've seen one at RNAS Culdrose airday 2011 it looks the same but I never got the name. I could send you 4 photos of it.


jack, e-mail, 18.06.2011 06:25

I don't know him nor do I know where the plane is now.


Charlie, e-mail, 04.06.2011 02:12



Gene Hooker, e-mail, 02.12.2010 19:12

Mr de Klerk's interest in drawings...I have the Graupner wood model kit of Klemm 107, approximately 28" span I think. plans show 3 views and part patterns, or parts can be traced..I would be willing to make copies available


wlkriessmann, e-mail, 26.09.2010 02:24

I miss the KL 32 and Kl 35 . KL 35 ELKC I flewseveral times end of June 1939 at Straubing A /B school. The KL 32 KabinenKlemm(4 seater) years later when I took staff officer from Befehkshaber Mitte Berlin cross country -F.Ion July the 15th 1941 from Berlin to Bremen -Deelen(Holland); Werneuchen Berlin


Fritz Fauser, e-mail, 08.03.2010 00:38

Reading the article about the Kl 107 I was wondering where the author got the info that the Klemm factory was destroyed by Allied bombing. I was an apprentice at Hanns Klemm Flugzeugbau in Boeblingen from 1943 until drafted into service early in 1945, and at time the factory was still intact and working. After the war IBM had taken over the building since at that time Germany was not allowed to build or have any kind of airplanes..


G de Klerk, e-mail, 20.07.2009 16:57

I am looking for more detail of the Klemm Kl107 in Luftwaffe colours if they were used,I am sure they were used,if only a few.3-view drawings s o I can built a scale radio control model.Anybody who can help It will be appreciated or info where to get info


Bob, e-mail, 23.07.2008 04:28

I notice you do not have a photo of a Klemm 35. I have a photo of a 1941 Klemm 35D I took in 1997 which I can send you. The plane does not belong to me and I don't know if the owner would object to you displaying it. I don't know him nor do I know where the plane is now.


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