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L.V.G. D V

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L.V.G. D VA three-view drawing (1660 x 1285)

 ENGINE1 x 185hp Benz Bz IIIbm
  Take-off weight920 kg2028 lb
  Empty weight690 kg1521 lb
  Wingspan9.00 m30 ft 6 in
  Length7.20 m24 ft 7 in
  Height2.90 m10 ft 6 in
  Wing area19.10 m2205.59 sq ft
  Max. speed195 km/h121 mph
  Cruise speed168 km/h104 mph
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.92mm

Graham Summers, e-mail, 23.10.2015 02:12

Designed by Paul Ehrhardt and flown for the first time in June 1918, the LVG D V was unusual in that the lower wing was of much broader chord than the upper, the narrow-chord upper wing panels outboard of the centre section pivoting differentially to act as "ailerons" for lateral manoeuvres. The fuselage was slab-sided and plywood covered, armament comprised two 7,9-mm LMG 08 /15 machine-guns, and power was provided by a geared vee-eight Benz Bz IIIbm engine affording 185 hp. The D V proved fast, but it was unstable at full speed and its controllability was poor. During a test flight with Ehrhardt at the controls in July 1918, the


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