Messerschmitt Bf 161
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Messerschmitt Bf 161

Reconnaissance version of the Bf 110, with a new nose. Development was abandoned when it was understood that much simpler modifications of the Bf 110 would do the job.

dafacai, 18.06.2011

i have a compass from this aeroplane

, 18.06.2011


peter dick, 09.12.2010

i have a compass from this aeroplane

Barry, 07.01.2010

Two models built the V1 (D-ABBA) powered by 2 Jukers Jumo 210 engines, and the V2 (D-AOFI),illustrated, powered by 2 Daimler-Benz 600A engines. The V1 went to Rechlin and the V2 went to Augsburg and later to Peenemunde West and was used for towing the Me163A.

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