Messerschmitt Me 261


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Messerschmitt Me 261

Originally designed as a long-range record-breaking aircraft, the Me 261 had an extremely slender fuselage, but two DB606 engines - each consisting of two coupled DB601 V-12s. Work continued even during the war, because of their advanced design. With their cramped fuselages they had little military value, however. Three were built, one was used for reconnaissance flights in 1943.

Barry, 28.07.2014 18:17

Originally conceived as along range record breaking plane it was envisaged that this plane would fly the Olympic Torch from Berlin, where the 1936 Olympics were held, to Tokyo where the 1940 Olympics were due to take place. Hitler was so entranced with this idea that the plane was given the unofficial name "Adolphine". However, as the war started the "raison d'etre" for this aircraft was no longer viable and it was put very much on the back burner. As stated there were three models produced the first (V1) flying in December 1940, the second (V2) early 1941 and the last one (V3) in April 1943. The last model (BJ + CR) used another coupled engine the DB610. V1 and V2 were both scrapped after being damaged by allied bombing at Lechfield. The fate of V3 is unknown.
Length 16.68m Span 26.68m Height 4-71m


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