Messerschmitt Me 263


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Messerschmitt Me 263

This rocket-engined fighter was initially a development of the Me 163, but retained no more than a configurational similarity. It began life as the Me 163D, was then moved to Junkers as the Ju 248, and then renamed again Me 263. Compared with the Me 163, tha Me 163 had a larger fuselage, wheeled landing gear and a new rocket engine with a 'cruise chamber'. One built. There is no evidence that the Me 263 ever made a powered flight.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 18:33

The Me 163D was actually a different design than the Me 263 /Ju 248, even though it had a longer fuselage than the baseline Me 163 and a tricycle landing gear. Two prototypes of the Me 163D were built, Me 163 BV13 and BV18.


pemburu malam, e-mail, 09.10.2010 03:29

the bubble canopy very similiar to MiG-15


Ron, e-mail, 03.06.2010 00:35

The Mk 108 are too short range in my opinion at such speeds.
The Mk 103 is better if the 8' length could somehow be accommodated. Otherwise 4 or more MG 151 20-mm cannon would do. Or both! Heck! Why not? 5 guns may slow it down to what? 500 mph?


Karl, 08.03.2009 19:42

That's all?!!!


PeTer, e-mail, 01.03.2008 13:22

In a my friend


Fran, e-mail, 16.10.2007 22:26

I search blueprint of Me 263. Thanck


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