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RFB Fanliner

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 ENGINE1 x 114hp Wankel

Barry, 23.05.2016

There were two models of the Fanliner built, both in collaboration with Grumman American. The first Fanliner used the wings and horizontal tail surfaces of the AA-1 with all new fuselage and vertical services. It was powered by 114 h.p. NSU Ro135 Wankel rotary engine which was direct driven and was considered quite noisy, when it made it's maiden flight on 8th October 1973. The engine was replaced with a 150 h.p. model driving through a gear box to a three bladed swept blade airscrew.
A revised model was produced D-EBFL using the wings and horizontal tail surfaces of the AA-5. It had a redesigned fuselage and using a similar 150 h.p. engine the radiators of which were moved to the side.
No further aircraft were built RFB deciding to concentrate on the Fantrainer instead.

Specification for initial prototype.
Span 24'5" Length 20'0"
Height 6'8" Wing area 100 sq ft
Empty weight 1,146 lb Take off weight 1,653 lb

Max speed 135 mph Cruising speed 112 mph Range 410 miles

dan, 06.01.2012

RFB = Rhein Flugzeugbau

, 17.06.2011

Hope this helps.

DON PENNY, 28.09.2008

For what it's worth there was an artical about this aircraft D-EBFL in the march 1977 issue of Popular Science Magazine. Hope this helps.

jimmie r jefferson, 02.06.2008

rfb training

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