Rumpler C.I
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Rumpler C.I

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Colin Bedson, 29.08.2012

Sorry, forgot to say the year of the Aviation News publication, this was 1985

Colin Bedson, 29.08.2012

I have built an electric powered radio controlled model of this aircraft to 1/6th scale. This gives it a wing span of 2.025M.

I have a number of photographs that I could send to you if you want them. The plans for this model were drawn from three views obtained from the Colin Owers article featured in the 20th September - 3rd October issue of Aviation News.

There is also an excellent reference manual on this aircraft by P.M. Grosz issued as Windsock Data File No.79 published by Albatros Productions Ltd.

Johan Runfeldt, 22.04.2012

The Rumpler C.I was one of the most long-serving aircraft of the Great War. It entered service in December 1915 and the last examples were transferred away from the front in Februay-March 1918. With good speed, high rate of climb and decent manoeuvrability it was popular with the crews and did first-class service as a reconaissance plane and light bomber on nearly all fronts where the Germans were fighting.Some key data:
Powerplant: Mercedes D.III 160hp liquid-cooled inline-6
Span: 12.15m
Length: 7.85m
Gross Weight: 1333kg
Max speed: 150km/h
Endurance: 4hours
Armament: 2 rifle-calibre machine-guns, one rear movable operated by the observer and one fixed operated by the pilot. 100kg of bombs.

, 17.06.2011


Sgt.KAR98, 25.07.2008

It was originally built by Etrich,but then was built by a lot of other companies.
It was a bizarre,but cool plane and Im missing it in here.

Ted Cooper, 23.05.2008

What happened to the Rumpler TAUB. Built prior to WW I or in the early stages. Monoplane, external bracing and trailing edges like a bird.

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