Schwade Kampfeinsitzer Nr 1
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Schwade Kampfeinsitzer Nr 1

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Alberto Rizzi, 04.07.2017

These are the only data and performances I found here and there about this airplane:

Empty weight – 650 Kg. (= 1,433 lb)
Total weight – 800 Kg. (= 1,764 lb)
Max. Speed – 100 Km/h (= 62 mph)
Max Range – 300 Km. (= 186 miles)
Service Ceiling – 3.000 m. (= 9,843 feet)
Wingspan – m. 7,80 (= 25 ½ feet)
Length – m. 6,20 (= 20 1/3 feet)

The Schwade Nr. 1 was followed by Nr. 2: it had the same rotative pusher engine but a twin boom; it was a little larger and probably (but I’ve found no evidence about it) its machine gun was fixed.

Terrence Murphy, 29.05.2012

In 1914, German designer Otto Schwade finished his first fighter. It was a biplane with a single pusher propeller. The aircraft was designated Kampfeinsitzer Nr 1. It was powered by a 80 hp engine. (A copy of the French Gnome) and a 7.92-mm machine gun Bergmann LMG 15 on the movable turret. The aircraft carried out several test flights, but it was abandoned, as he had already begun work on the better Kampfeinsitzer NR.2.

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