Siebel Fh 104 Hallore
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Siebel Fh 104 Hallore

In 1934 Hans Klemm set up a new aircraft factory at Halle for the production of all-metal military aircraft, including the Klemm Kl 104 five-seat light transport. When the factory was handed over to the Siebel concern in 1937, the aircraft became known as the Siebel Fh 104 Hallore. Production ceased in 1942 after only 46 had been built, most being used by the Luftwaffe on communication and liaison duty.

Siebel Fh 104 Hallore

 ENGINE2 x 280hp Hirth HM 508D inverted-Vee engines
    Take-off weight5600 kg12346 lb
    Wingspan12.06 m40 ft 7 in
    Length9.50 m31 ft 2 in
    Height2.64 m9 ft 8 in
    Max. speed350 km/h217 mph
    Ceiling6600 m21650 ft
    Range920 km572 miles

Siebel Fh 104 HalloreA three-view drawing (1436 x 1094)

Peter Sjögren, 20.12.2013

I would also like to know anything and everything about this aircraft, since it is said in my family that it´s my grandfather, the engineer Arthur Beth ( 1895-1968 ) who is the constructor of it.
I don´t mind if someone knows better than I and gives me another name for the construction, I prefer the truth :)

Barry, 02.10.2012

First flown as the Flugzeugbau Halle Fh 104 Hallore this was the first original design to come from this Klemm subsidiary. It is doubtful if it was ever known as the "Klemm Fh104 Hallore". The aircraft did, as noted, only achieve a modest production of 46 but it did achieve notable success. It won the 1938 Littorio Rally in Italy covering some 3,583 miles across 12 countries. In addition, in March 1939 it completed 24,480 mile tour of Africa.

wlkriessmann, 26.09.2010

Only once I had th pleasure to pilot aSiebel Fh 104 ,On March 9th 1942 I started with some staff officers from Befehlshaber Mitte as p[assengers with KB+ZK from Doeberitz - Koelleda-Kassel-Saarbruecken-Ramilly-Le bourget-Koelln- Staaken Easter n Paris Return on March the 14th My last flight with BHM from then on to KG 53 and Russia/

clive bagley, 23.06.2010

Reading Captain Eric Browns (CBE DSC AFC RN) book "Wings On My Sleeve" I recall the aircraft in question (Siebel 204) was used as a personal runabout after WW2 whilst he was working as a test pilot for the Royal Aircraft Establishment UK.

Patrick Siebel, 31.12.2009

I would like to know anything interesting trivia about the Siebel aircraft, as my granfather owned Siebelflugzeugwerke. I am a private pilot and often wonder what it would be like to fly one of the Siebel aircraft.

Bernd Köster, 11.10.2009

The (I think worldwide) famous known Beate Uhse escaped, after her husband had died in war, with her son, nurse and four other persons in a Siebel FH 104 from Gatow to Travemünde in western part of Germany. That was on 22nd of April 1945; she had been a very good pilot and had been working as a pilot during the war.

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