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Siemens-Schuckert D IV

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John, 24.10.2012

The engine ran counter to the direction of the prop, hence the 4 blades ran at a more efficient and slower speed. This would have been a game changer except too few too late.

Klaatu, 03.05.2011

This airplane was considered one of the most formidable German fighters to have entered service during World War I. Unfortunately, however, it was let down by it's revolutionary new engine, which proved to be more than somewhat unreliable. As a result, most of these fighters were relegated to interception duties behind the lines, so that, in case of an engine failure, the pilot would be able to glide back to his home field. The war ended before Siemens-Shuckert managed to work all the bugs out of the complex rotary engine.

Barry, 12.11.2010

Powered by a Siemens und Halske IIIa 200h.p. engine this fighter showed superior speed and climb rate (1,640ft/min). It was used by home defense squadrons and was judged officially to be"superior by far to all single seaters in use at the Front today". However, it did prove tricky to land.
Span: 27'5" Length: 18'8" (5.70m) Height:8'11"
Weight:loaded 1,620lb
Armament:2x7.92mm Spandau

Charlie Talbott, 23.01.2010

One unique feature of this airplane is that the prop was gear driven in an attempt to lessen the gyroscope action which was responsible for perhaps more pilot deaths than combat. Gen (then Lt.) Udet flew one in WW I. I have more pictures of it if I can figure out how to load them

JIm Crawford, 07.01.2010

The single most novel aspect of this airplane was the installation of an 11 (eleven!) cylinder rotary engine! Such a powerplant was never tried again, perhaps it was a very bad idea, huh? The enormous size of the four-blade prop was an indication that this engine was bigger than most others!

frank, 11.10.2008

interesting wasp angle design by siemens

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