Zeppelin-Staaken R.XIV


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Zeppelin-Staaken R.XIV

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 MODELZeppelin Staaken R.XIV
 ENGINE4 x 260hp Mercedes D.IVa
  Take-off weight14450 kg31857 lb
  Empty weight10350 kg22818 lb
  Wingspan42.20 m138 ft 5 in
  Length22.50 m74 ft 10 in
  Height6.30 m21 ft 8 in
  Wing area334.00 m23595.14 sq ft
  Max. speed135 km/h84 mph
  Cruise speed116 km/h72 mph
  Ceiling4500 m14750 ft
  Rate of climb67 m/min200 ft/min
  Range1300 km808 miles
 ARMAMENT4 x 7.92mm, up to 2000kg of bombs

John, e-mail, 08.04.2011 20:42

I count 5 radiators here and see a propeller in the nose. This a /c has 5 water cooled engines not 4.


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